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Packing a bag for maternity hospital - pregnancy

The Pregnancy Journey - Part 4

Approximately 5 - 10 years ago it was common practice for most women to provide a Birth Plan to be included in her hospital chart. In recent years this practice seems to have disappeared. However it still remains a good idea for women to discuss their birth plan with their midwife/consultant and their support person for labour. Whether it is typed or written out – it will allow the midwifery team and doctors know how you would like your labour to go. It will also give the person who will be supporting you in labour a good idea of how they can help to support you and make your labour and delivery as easy as possible.

Birth Plans should be realistic! Be aware of the services available to you in the Labour  Ward. There is no point requesting a water birth if the hospital doesn’t have a birthing pool!! You will be disappointed and frustrated by this discovery  at the time of your arrival to the Delivery Suite! Remember  that  most hospitals won’t allow any candles or naked flames , so burning an essential oil might not be possible ! Perhaps using Essential oils  on pressure points could be a way to include the use of essential oils during your labour instead.

Have an open mind when discussing your birth plan with the midwives and your partner. Remember that there are many forms of pain relief available. Don’t think that Gas & Air won’t work for you because your friend used it and didn’t like it! Don’t close your mind to solutions that the midwives may have to ease your labour pains – different positions and breathing techniques  can be very helpful while in labour. Above all make sure you attend an antenatal class given by a qualified midwife where you will receive up-to-date information regarding all aspects of your pregnancy and advice for labour . Once you and your partner learn about the changes your body is undergoing during these times you can make informed decisions regarding your care . Remember that second hand advice from friends and family , is always given from their personal point of view and not always given objectively!!

Your hospital bag should be packed from about 32 weeks onwards!! You should have a separate bag for the labour ward and this should be no larger than an overnight bag. Your hospital bag can stay in the boot of the car until you are brought to the postnatal ward after the delivery of your baby. Remember to leave any valuable jewellery/money etc. in your partner’s possession or at home! Here is a suggested list of what to bring to hospital with you :

Labour Bag  

Loose nightdress/Old T-shirt                       

Dressing Gown                                                                                                  


Warm Socks 


Lip Balm 

Facial Spray/Facecloth 

Loose Change for vending machine 

Babygro & Vest 

Hat & Mittens 


Small Toiletry bag with Travel Size Products 


Hospital Bag 

For You-               

6 PJ’s/Nightdresses ( front opening if breastfeeding) 

Disposable pants and cotton pants ( large sizes)

Sanitary Towels ( 2 packs) 

Nursing Bras ( 3-4 ) 

Breastpads / Lansinoh Nipple cream 

Towels ( dark colour - bath/hand) 

Flip-flops ( for shower ) 


Mobile Phone & Charger 

Note pad & Pen 

Clothes for home                                                                  

For Baby-             

1 or 2 Cardigans


Babygros 10 

Baby vests   10 

Nappies ( size Newborn 1-2) 

Nappy sacks 

2 Soft towels 

Cotton wool ( lge bag/roll ) 

Sudocream / Vaseline 

Cellular Blankets 2 /3 

Clothes for coming home / All in 1 suit                                  


Toiletry Bag (use travel size options if available) 


Shampoo / Conditioner 

Shower Gel 

Brush / Bobbins 



Toothbrush / toothpaste 

Arnica Tablets for bruising 

Ear plugs  



The next issue of the pregnancy journey will discuss the role of your partner in labour and different positions for labour. 



Gráinne Grundy RGN RM – Help Me To Parent / Mama & Me 


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